DONA CONSULT offers its clients the support of a solid expertise in intercultural cooperation. This high-quality service is guaranteed by the multicultural and managerial skills of Raoul Dansi, your contact and servant at DONA CONSULT.

Raoul has a deep knowledge of German, French, Moroccan, Ivorian, Beninese, Nigerian and other cultures, having lived, studied and interacted with the inhabitants of these countries, making him an excellent intercultural actor.

DONA CONSULT facilitates access to new African markets through its consulting services:

Personalized advice

Analysis of specific markets and sectors

Development of BtoB business contacts

Carrying out studies

DONA CONSULT, as a match maker, brings together enquiries and business partners: Are you looking for a producer, supplier, product, building or property? DONA CONSULT finds the right partner in Europe and Africa and establishes contacts and organizes discussions with local decision-makers.

DONA CONSULT Services includes:

Targeted working meetings, network meetings

Multi-stakeholder dialogues

(Self-) evaluation

Strategy and vision research

Project planning (including the development of target systems, indicators, milestones, etc.)

DONA CONSULT offers discovery trips to measure and evaluate the potential of the target country.